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Welcome to Elsewhere

We the magicians and talented weirdos of Sacramento have a wild ambition: To increase the presence of the magical and strange here in our city, to entertain people with the impossible, and to make it feel as if you are not here, nor there… but someplace in the Elsewhere.

Join us in celebrating the odd and unusual on May 10-11, 2024




Selysa Love

When Selysa Love turned 18, she ran away to Peru and joined the circus. The twelve years since have been invested in healing and teaching through movement, including partner acrobatics, dance, contortion, and yoga.

She can be found performing spellbinding contortion solos and dazzling acrobatic duos across Northern California.

While right side up, Selysa is the owner/operator of Sacramento Reiki Center, where she specializes in supporting those grieving the loss of abusive relationships. She and her team have guided over a thousand people to peace.

Carson Watts

Carson has been teaching and performing partner acrobatics for the past decade, and has a lifelong commitment to the healing arts. He harnesses the practical lessons of AcroYoga to cultivate healthy partnerships.

Carson can be found providing counsel and Reiki at Sacramento Reiki Center, where he specializes in supporting those with anxiety, depression, grief, and stress. His love of people and earth-informed presence gives him a durability in holding space for people’s struggles and hard times.



Erin St. Blaine


Erin is the founder and artistic director of Fire Pixie Entertainment, a renowned LED dance troupe that is known for its world-class performances combining dance, illuminated costuming, and cutting-edge technology with high-energy music and audience interaction.

Erin’s expertise in performance art and technology has allowed her to create some of the most advanced props in the world, including her bespoke persistence-of-vision poi and double staff props, and her programmable and responsive LED Isis Wings.

Her performances are magical, entertaining, and always leave audiences wanting more. With her passion for innovation and creativity, Erin has established herself as a leading figure in the world of LED light dance shows, inspiring and captivating audiences across the globe.


Shane Romick

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing magic of Shane Romick – a captivating performer and promoter with a lifelong fascination for the art of magic.

With decades of experience under his belt, Shane has been dazzling audiences with his impeccable sleight of hand and mind-bending mentalism, leaving them spellbound and awestruck.

But Shane’s magic is not just confined to the stage – he is deeply immersed in the local artistic community of like-minded creatives and is a passionate producer of whimsical variety shows for children and edgy variety shows for adults. His shows are not just mere entertainment, but a celebration of artistry and imagination that will transport you to a world of wonder and excitement.

With his enigmatic persona and skillful mastery of the art of magic, Shane is sure to captivate and enthrall audiences of all ages.








Shane Romick